Fraser Island is found off Queensland, Australia, and is the biggest island of sand on the planet. This marvelous National Heritage Island has no sealed roads, no bridges, great scenery, ocean fishing, and dramatic wildlife. The only method to obtain around Fraser Island remains in a 4WD automobile. 4WDs are available for hire from Brisbane, Rainbow Beach, Hervey Bay, and also on Fraser Island itself. An optimal selection of 4WD is a 4WD camper as it is totally outfitted with all camping needs.

4WD Camper:

A 4WD camper is a 4WD that is totally equipped for discovering the open airs. It might be a Toyota Landcruiser wagon with roof camping tent, ground camping tent, outdoor camping tools consisting of gas range and also refrigerator or a function developed self included camper.

Getting to Fraser Island:

fraser island hiking is about 300km north of Brisbane, Queensland. A 4 hour drive up the Bruce Highway, turning off to Hervey Bay, will certainly obtain you and also your 4WD camper to the Fraser Island ferry service. Additionally, you can turn off the Bruce Highway near Gympie, and drive via to Rainbow Beach to capture the ferry there. As there are no bridges to Fraser Island a barge from either Hervey Bay or Rainbow Coastline is required to obtain your 4WD to the island. Prices for a return vehicle array between 80 and 140 at the time of printing. There is different decrease off factors for the various ferryboats. You ought to make sure that your ferry is gone to your particular location.

Fraser Island

4WDriving around Fraser Island:

Fraser Island is quite unique in that the eastern coastlines comprise a highway and also a landing strip. You require concentrate and also not are as well immersed in the scenery to avoid diminishing fishermen, children, dingoes and ramming aircrafts and also other 4WDs.

You will certainly be driving on the left side of tracks and also various other vehicles:

Driving on the beaches on Fraser Island should be done throughout reduced tides. 4WDs could and do get caught in creeks and the ocean. This can make you liable for an expensive healing operation and work with insurance policy on your 4WD could be voided by immersion is seawater. Road rules apply and speed limits are enforced. The beach has a rate limit of 80km/hr and the inland tracks 35km. Some areas require lower speeds of 15km/hr.

Driving at nighttime is not recommended:

Everybody needs to use their safety belt as crash with various other 4WD Lorries is feasible and some tracks can be extremely rough.

Authorizations for Fraser Island:

Licenses are needed for both driving and also camping on Fraser Island. These could be organized when arranging your campervan service. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service’s QPWS offer once a week tide graphs, track problem records, and campsite availability. QPWS will certainly additionally be releasing your driving and also outdoor camping authorizations.