Need to acquire European Citizenship? Thinking of some investment program schemes, to bea citizen? Where to get help?  Consider Cyprus. Cyprus offers the best service to its customers or applicants. The service is very quick and also finds the most secured and assured route to be a European citizenship. In order to get Cyprus permanent residence, the customer need be a part of investment program. The minimum amount to be invested in Cyprus real estate is of €2.0, once the customer is part of the investment program, the Cyprus will offer the citizenship within the time period of 6 months. This includes a Cypriot passport and citizenship of European country. Once you have the Cypriot passport, the applicant will have the freedom to travel, work study and live anywhere but within the European country.

Australian Business Visa

Looking to get Australian Visa? Do you know the criteria to get it? Do you know how to apply? If not then this article will help you and give you some details about Investor Visa Australia

Australian Business visa can be obtained by submitting an Expression of Interest through the SkillSelect; you need to be nominated by the state or any government territory before the invitation of applying to the visa. Some of the advantages of holding an Investor Visa Australia are –

  • The investment is more secured and trusted because of involvement of government bonds.
  • The applicant need not need to know various languages, English is only necessary language and compulsory and no IELTS results.
  • There is no specified qualification required, the applicant need to have only investment value experiences.