The place to visit all kinds of elephants to enjoy

Enormous in size they may be graceful. Hardworking yet lively you can see and elephant at work or play in zoo or its natural habitat. The elephant are found in diverse countries around the globe and I have been blessed to see an elephant fromĀ chiang mai elephant conservation center, elephants and their infants when traveling to the Indian subcontinent and the elephant when traveling in Thailand. Of course if you’ve ever been into fair or a fete you might have noticed a white elephant stall.

chiang mai elephant conservation center,

Elephants will do anything to protect members and their young of the herd and are herd animals. They may be charge and a powerful enemy at anyone or anything that represents danger causing damage to property and life. The back of an elephant is strong at lifting and transferring objects in its way and has many functions and give a nudge to a baby.

Elephants do not have predators in their natural habitat and not a lion is game to accept the weight of these creatures among the elephant’s greatest threats is a human. Hunted for their ivory in particular some states have established an elephant sanctuary. A spot is for elephants where men and women invited to educate others and are employed to take care of them.

If you want to help support the preservation and humane treatment of the much loved creatures there are lots of organizations around the world which it is possible to donate money to or if you would like a holiday with a difference, time, power and love in some cases.

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